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Why Workers’ Comp?

Workers’ Compensation Insurance is one of the few small business insurance policies regulated at the state level. Where you work usually determines your insurance requirements. Your state may require you, the employer,  to have coverage as soon as you hire your first employee.  Most small construction contractors will have to buy their Workers’ Comp coverage through their state’s assigned risk program due to the high claims frequency of the construction industry. We can assist you in obtaining a policy through the assigned risk program.

Many construction contractors with one or more employees are turning to a Professional Employer Organization.  This is a value added outsourcing firm which provides workers’ compensation insurance, payroll processing, employer payroll tax filing, and regulatory compliance assistance.

In 2017, there were 907 PEOs operating in the United States alone, servicing 3.7 million work-site employees, which were spread over approximately 175,000 PEO clients.

Download: Workers Comp by State

Advantages of workers’ comp coverage:

  • Offers workers’ comp health care networks, which create more savings and quicker average recovery time
  • Protects your business from certain employee lawsuits
  • Pays income and medical benefits for injured workers
  • Satisfies coverage requirements in your state
  • Failure to have coverage may cost you more than the premium you would pay

We also offer Professional Employer Organization options for our clients. What is a PEO? A  PEO is an organization that provides a one stop program for Worker’s Compensation and payroll processing. We get you great rates on superior coverage for a program that will give you more control over your business, because you have human resource, workers’ comp claims adjusters, and payroll experts to call when needed.